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Many kids waiting for a home are a higher level of care than what many foster homes are willing to take. It can be intimidating when you hear behaviors, the need for multiple therapies, specialist appts, etc. There seems to be an apprehension among foster parents to accept these kids their not fully sure they can meet the needs of. Certainly foster children with higher needs is not for everyone, but we're hoping to eliminate some of that apprehension by sharing with you testimonial videos from foster families who have had larger sibling groups, teenagers, Primary Medical Need (PMN), and therapeutic foster children so you can hear first hand what a day in the life is like. - That to come!.
Levels of care (LOC) are based on the needs of the foster child in your home. LOC ranges from basic to intensive. Recently, the levels of care have been relabeled, and OCOK has different labels than other regions. - More on this to come!
LOC is determined by a 3rd party contractor "Youth For Tomorrow" (YFT). Your agency or caseworker will collect information from clinicians, the foster parent, and medical records and submit them to YFT for review. Depending on the need, the LOC is determined, and a corresponding foster care reimbursement rate is implemented. If the LOC is determined within the first 45 days of placement, you can request "back pay" where the LOC is backdated to the day the child was placed, and the higher subsidy rate is applied. If it is after the 45th day, YFT will assign a date in which the new LOC will begin.
LOC review is based on the level of care. The higher the level, the more frequently the LOC is reviewed.
Texas has just started phasing in "Treatment Foster Care"(TFC), which is a form of foster care in which the foster home is reimbursed even if there is not a placement in the home. The rationale behind this is that in order to meet the high needs of the kids in therapeutic foster care, a parent must have job flexibility or stay home in order to meet the needs of this population. These are kids who are many times coming directly out of Residential Treatment Centers (RTC). This is a new concept in DFW that is just being implemented and is still not completely defined. More to come!
Every family's desire, dynamic, time and strengths vary. While this is not for everyone, BFF hopes that we can bring awareness to what this looks like day-to-day in hopes that it removes some of the stigmas and apprehension that goes with considering kids who have a harder time getting placed.
There is some variation for reimbursement based on which agency you're with. However, click on the link to view the minimum reimbursement for each LOC.
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